Immersion Programme

The programme and its goals:‎

This programme is devoted to fully immersing students in the Palestinian culture and the Arabic ‎language. The students are integrated in An-Najah's campus life by connecting with the ‎students and the local community in Nablus and giving students an interactive education ‎with Palestinian culture. By familiarizing themselves with Palestinian society and its ‎traditions, students break down barriers separating them from the community and their ‎understanding of Arab society is no longer defined by stereotypes.

Immersion strategies:‎

The programme utilizes social and cultural interactive programs to immerse students in ‎Palestinian society. Classes are taught exclusively in Arabic and students are not spoken to ‎in their native language.

The teachers of the program are trained specifically for using immersive methods in their ‎classes and ensure that students are not overwhelmed but are able to apply these ‎methods effectively.‎

Tools and methods:‎

Students' education is supplemented with contemporary political literature and ‎newspapers to teach modern political vocabulary and students are required to carry out ‎applied field research and one-on-one interviews.

The programme ‎organizes social occasions that introduce students to people in the local ‎community and facilitates their involvement in the university's activities, groups, and clubs. ‎Students are encouraged to participate in the university's literary and creative works ‎journal, publishing their Arabic short stories or poetry. The programme ‎also incorporates ‎seminars based on student interest. Like our other programs, students would also enjoy ‎regular field trips around Palestine and to Palestinian homes. ‎