Teaching Strategies

The Institute ‎depends on different key elements designed to give students the best ‎language learning experience.

The Place

The Institute ‎is located in the library in the recently constructed new campus ‎and offers a comfortable place where you can find a calm and appropriate atmosphere for ‎learning.‎

The Teachers

Our teachers have been chosen from the best graduates of the Arabic ‎department. They also have all been formally trained in teaching Arabic for non-native ‎students in addition to the great experience they all possess in this field.‎


The Institute ‎uses books and materials written especially to teach students ‎Arabic in the most efficient yet thorough way possible. They were written using the latest ‎methods of teaching Arabic for non-native students that cover the different linguistic skills: ‎listening, reading, speaking, and writing as well as linguistic competence in the society. The ‎Institute ‎strongly emphasizes immersion, only using English to explain the most abstract ‎concepts. The courses cover standard Arabic, the colloquial dialect and modern Arabic in ‎addition to seminars on subjects such as Arabic cooking, calligraphy etc. ‎

Placement Test

The students are placed in classes suited to their level as the placement ‎exam determines their proficiency in Arabic. This ensures that students never feel either ‎too overwhelmed and outperformed by their peers or bored and unstimulated. ‎


All classrooms are equipped with the latest electronic devices to help facilitate ‎the teaching process. A state of the art computer lab is available for students where they ‎can conduct research, watch Arabic films, and use the latest software.‎


Translation is strongly discouraged and concepts will always be explained in ‎Arabic when possible. Although at first it may seem a little challenging, this method has ‎proven to be effective and students learn quick and thoroughly. The Institute ‎also facilitates ‎cultural immersion offering housing with a Palestinian family, free monthly field trips, and ‎local language learning partners.‎