Dr. Raed Mustafa Abdelrahim has been the Director of the Arabic for Non-Natives programme ‎at An Najah National University since 2010.  Previously, Dr. Raed was an associate ‎professor of Arabic for Non-Natives at the University of Jordan for 7 years then instructed ‎at Saudi Arabia University for Girls from 2003-2007 before returning to Palestine and ‎establishing the Arabic for Non-Natives program at An Najah. He has developed specialized ‎Arabic language instruction incorporating different academic subject matters such as ‎political science, social studies, and literature. In addition, Dr. Raed has developed uniquely ‎tailored Arabic lesson plans for diplomats of all levels.   ‎

Dr. Raed's primary pastime and true passion is working on perfecting the art of teaching ‎Arabic to Non-Natives and this is proven through the 10 books he’s authored for non-‎native Arabic speakers. He also enjoys reading, playing volleyball, and table tennis. Dr. ‎Raed has three children with his beautiful wife, Ms. Basima.‎