What you need to know about student accommodation

First, the private sector helps to provide accommodation and accommodation services in different areas in the old and new city of Nablus, and the Arabic for non-Native Speakers Institute contributes in the connecting you with the private sector, and helps in providing suitable housing for students; Shared or private, and there are some private apartments for An-Najah University, which the university may make all or some of them a residence for students.

SecondDiscover your options

You can choose to live together or alone in furnished apartments or studios equipped for that, or in a hostel.

And we recommend some places that you can contact  to find your accommodation in Nablus.

A. Hostels

If you need our help in finding a suitable hostel/guesthouse for your stay (whether at first or for the whole period), here are some places we would recommend:

Turquoise Hostel

Success Hostel

Soufan Guesthouse

B. Hotels

Khan Al Wakala

Royal Suits

C. Studios

A website to find studios

A website to find studios

Third, Shared Accommodation

A. Shared housing usually includes two options: a single room or a shared room, in which he lives with the same sex. There are male and female dormitories.


Shared accommodation's cost starts from 130 USD to 220 USD per month. 

The price usually does not include water, Wi-Fi, or electricity. 

Fourth, Private Accommodation 

A.Private accommodation, such as studios, are usually reserved for one person , with the exception of some that provide shared living.

B. Cost

Private accommodation's cost starts from 260 USD to 400 USD per month. 

The price usually does not include water, Wi-Fi, or electricity. 

If you would like to stay in a shared or private accommodation, please contact us in order to check the available options for you on our email: [email protected]