About An-Najah

Why An-‎Najah?

An-Najah was founded as An-Najah Nablusi School in 1918 and has since evolved into a ‎large, technologically advanced institution, comprised of four campuses: the Old Campus, ‎the New Campus, Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology, and Khadouri Campus.

An-Najah ‎is the largest institution in Palestine, with approximately 20,000 students who pursue ‎quality education and personal development. We have 1,790 academic and administrative ‎personnel who seek to continuously improve the content and the internationalization of ‎our institution’s standards.


An-Najah National University is dedicated to promoting understanding, providing the ‎highest quality undergraduate and graduate education, and serving as a leader in scientific ‎research. An-Najah acts as a base for sustainable development by encouraging students ‎and the University community to assume leadership roles and to participate in serving ‎society.‎


An-Najah National University is a public institution whose mission is to advance learning, ‎share knowledge and foster the skills needed in young men and women to succeed as ‎people and professionals in all spheres of life. An-Najah also aims to instill a love of ‎understanding in the students and to promote a culture of scientific excellence. The ‎University strives to equip its students with the skills necessary to be productive and ‎creative members of the Palestinian society and to compete in the domestic, Arab and ‎international work markets.‎

The University is also dedicated to advancing scientific research on a global level and to ‎meeting the community’s needs by participating in sustainable economic, technical and ‎human development. Additionally, An-Najah strives to preserve the cultural and religious ‎heritage of the Palestinian people and to increase knowledge of this heritage.‎