Arabic for Specific Purposes

The Institute also offers specialized programmes in Arabic that serve more specific needs than ‎‎the ‎general programme.‎

These programmes include Teaching Arabic for Academic Purposes Programme, Arabic ‎Literature ‎‎Programme, ‎‎Media Language Programme and the Palestinian Colloquial Speech ‎Programme. These ‎programmes ‎are described in detail below.‎

Teaching Arabic for Academic Purposes Programme ‎

Courses offered through this programme depend on signed agreements between the Arabic ‎for Non-Native Speakers Institute and other companies or institutions. Although the ‎courses may vary based on arrangements between the institutions, the programme is usually ‎taught through the following courses:‎

  • Listening and Conversation (1) & (2) (4 creditable hours each) ‎
  • Arabic Literature (1) & (2) (4 creditable hours each) ‎
  • Palestinian Colloquial (1) & (2) (3 creditable hours each) ‎
  • Arabic Grammar (1) & (2) (4 creditable each) ‎
  • Writing and Communication (1) & (2) (2 creditable hours each)‎

Arabic Literature Programme

For students well versed in speaking and reading Arabic, we offer the Arabic Literature ‎‎Programme. In ‎this programme, students will study and analyze ancient and modern Arabic texts, ‎‎novels, plays, and ‎short stories as well as studying the autobiographies and the lives of the ‎‎most prominent Arabic ‎writers. Additionally, students will be provided with the most ‎critical ‎concepts that enable them to ‎analyze and discuss Arabic literature at an advanced ‎level.‎

Media Language Programme

This programme introduces students to the special language used in Arabic media. The ‎programme ‎covers ‎the diverse media platforms and topics in the Arab world including ‎weather news, ‎deaths, special ‎events, sports, advertisements, economics, and politics. In ‎each of these ‎topics, the students will be ‎equipped with the special vocabulary and jargon ‎used for ‎discussing them in the media. Special ‎emphasis is placed on language used to ‎describe ‎politics and how it is used in caricature, slogans, ‎propaganda, and banners.  ‎

Palestinian Colloquial Speech Programme

The goal of this programme is to be fully equipped to communicate in the Palestinian society ‎and ‎culture. ‎The programme teaches the unique dialect of Palestinian Arabic including its ‎grammar, ‎expressions, ‎nuanced vocabulary, and situation usage. Students also learn the ‎dialect ‎through local jokes, songs, ‎proverbs, poetry, stories, and games.‎