A Day-Trip to Jericho and Ramallah

Feb. 17, 2020   | by Arabic Institute

On 15th of Feb, the institute has organized a trip for the students to Ramallah and Jericho. 


The students got the chance to read about the Palestinan history in details in the Arafat Museum in Ramallah, and to know more about Mahmoud Darwish and see his belongings. 


Afterwards, we visited Maqam of Prophet Musa (Moses); where it is believed to be the tomb of Moses. 


Subsequently, we visited Hisham's Palace; which is located  approximately two kilometers north of Jericho in the Jordan Valley. Archaeologists think that the site was built by Caliph Hisham bin Abd el-Malik (r. 724 to 743 AD).


Lastly, we headed to The Monastery of Temptation/Deir Quruntul, which we had reached by using cable carts and enjoyed watching the sunset from up there.