Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute Organizes a Linguistic, Cultural Activity

Feb. 13, 2018   | by Arabic Institute

On Wednesday, February 7th, the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Institute organized a linguistic, cultural activity that included the participation of students in singing “Montaseba Al-Qamate Amshe”, sung by Marsail Khalifa and written by the Palestinian poet “Sameeh Al-Qasem”.

The song was chosen for its patriotic meaning ,and it significant role in the Palestinian’s cultural background. The poem was ditributed  beforehand to students, so they can prepare and search for the new vocabulary and meanings. Miss Sawsan Nabraisi commenced the activity by illustrating some significant events and information from Khaleefa and Al-Qasem’s life. Then, the teacher, along with the students, recited the poem out loud, discussed the various metaphors in the poem, and enjoyed singing along with the song

This activity is among the several activities organized by the institute which aim at teaching Arabic through different context away from the conventional classroom environment.