The students of the Institute participated in the olive picking

Nov. 7, 2017   | by Arabic Institute

The students of the Institute participated in the olive picking

The land of peace has always been associated with the olive branch ... It is not strange to find the love of the olive tree rooted in the hearts of visitors to Palestine from all sides. In this context, the students of the Arabic Institute at An-Najah National University participated in the olive picking. Some of them went to the village of Bita. Others went to Kefal Hares. They learned about the customs and traditions of this season and ate the Palestinian food.

The students expressed their happiness in spending the whole day in the mountains and the Palestinian nature, and learn about the new words of olive and its picking, they also visit to the olive mill and olive and the stages of making olive oil. They finally tasted the new olive oil with the famous and popular dish in this season which is called (Musakhan). Let’s see their opinions about this experience :

Agnes: "I had fun to pick olives and to visit the old mill"

Velda: "We went to Beita to pick olives, it was such a nice day, we saw two mills and old houses, and the family that hosts us was generous and wonderful"

Marie "Olive picking is beautiful, although it was a tiring day”

Hanan "I loved picking olives very much, and I also learned a lot of information about olives and customs in this season"

Habiba "The olive picking was a very nice experience, and the Palestinian land is beautiful and rich too." The people were generous, and the food we ate was very tasty”

Aisha "I enjoyed the olive picking a lot, although I found it a little bit tired, it is good for us to participate in Palestinian customs and make new friends"

Maryam "I love picking olives in Palestine because it is very important in the Palestinian tradition, picking olives and eating (Musakhan) that it was very delicious"

Thanks to the family of Abu Ayyub Farhat from the village of Bita for their hospitality, and Sana Jaber and her family from Kefl Hares also.