An-Najah National University's President Meets the International Students

Sept. 30, 2019   | by Arabic Institute

on 29th of Sep, Prof. Maher An-Natsheh, the president of an-Najah National University, has welcomed the international students and answered all of their inquiries. 


Dr Raed Abdelrahem, the director of the Arabic for non-Native speakers institute, initiates the meeting with a warm thanks for the university's administration that has never hesitated to encourage the institute and to encourage its development. 

Then, the students talked about their experience in studying Arabic in the institute, and in Palestine in general. And they have elaborated on how happy they are for having the opportunity to study and live in Palestine.

Prof. Maher An-Natsheh after having welcomed the students, talked about the university, the problems we face as being a university in a country under occupation, and how the university always works on finding solutions so internationals can come to teach and study at the university.